Richard Sherman Blasts NFL’s Handling Of Tagovailoa Incident

People have said a lot about how carelessly the NFL handled Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's health.

Richard Sherman, a member of the NFLPA executive committee, warned against taking Tagovailoa's health lightly.

Tagovailoa suffered a concussion during Week 4 of the NFL season when the Dolphins were defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals.

This was right after his much-criticized return against the Buffalo Bills in Week 3, when he went back into the game soon after looking dazed.

The NFL and the NFLPA then looked into Tagovailoa's case to see if the Concussion Protocol had been followed.

Allen Sills, the NFL's medical director, told Richard Sherman that everyone involved in letting Tua Tagovailoa come back used "an abundance of caution." 

"If he's back in the game because he's being careful, what would an aggressive approach look like?" Sherman was very curious.

Mike McDaniel, the coach of the Dolphins, said that he and the team would never put anyone in danger, but it's clear that letting Tagovailoa play was not the smartest move.

As he continues to get better from his concussion, Tua Tagovailoa was taken out of the Dolphins' Week 5 game against the New York Jets.