Recession: Remote Workers To Be First Victims Of Layoffs?

Many major firms are slashing employees and adopting hiring freezes in anticipation of a recession (at least according to most economists and CEOs).

But are widespread layoffs in the near future likely? And if that's the case, who exactly is the target of your ire?

According to a recent poll conducted by software company, remote employees may be the first to depart.

According to a poll of 3,000 managers, 60% believe remote staff would be laid off first. Only 20% thought it was improbable.

"When it comes to staff management, a lack of face-time may impair many different parts of the work," according to the company's analysis.

Almost two-thirds of managers polled feel "management is more challenging in a remote workplace."

On the one hand, their employers were ready to accommodate work-from-home demands throughout the epidemic and recognised that productivity remained largely unchanged.

On the other hand, not having employees in the workplace makes them more subject to layoffs since, well, they're not there.

To avoid becoming preachy, good managers would evaluate all employees based on their output and contributions to the company.

But over the long haul, in times like these, physical presence isn’t the determinant of job performance it once was.