Quordle 255 Answer For October 6

The famous word game Quordle has been running for nearly eight months. Every day, more people join the game, which is more difficult than its predecessor, Wordle.

The game is four times more difficult than Wordle in that players must predict four words in nine attempts or less.

The latter asks participants to guess one word in no more than six attempts.  However, both games require players to predict five-letter words.

If you're new to the game, you may practice in the dedicated practice mode, which offers an infinite amount of Quordle word puzzles that don't count towards your stats or victory streak.

Every midnight, the daily game mode gives players new Quordle phrases. The daily mode puzzle adds to an user's stats, including their victory streak if all four words are guessed.

If you're having trouble with Quordle 255, which was launched on October 6, 2022, you can find clues and solutions here.

HINT  1 – Word 1 begins with an L, 2 with an S, 3 with an S, and 4 with an N HINT  2 – Word ending – 1: E, 2: K, 3: T, 4: Y

Quordle #255 Hints

HINT 3- Word 1 – of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity HINT 4- Word 2 – have a strong unpleasant smell

HINT 5- Word 3 – slope or lean in a particular direction; diverge or cause to diverge from the vertical or horizontal HINT 6- Word 4 – a foolish and weak person

If the previous tips do not help, the solution to Quordle 255, which was issued on October 6th, 2022, may be found here: