Quordle 248 Answer For September 29

Quordle has become a tremendous hit since it was first launched as a prototype at the end of January with a number of bugs and problems with how to use it.

The popular word game Quordle was inspired by Wordle. But it was considered to be four times harder.

Quordle may be a very stressful game for new players, especially if they are coming from Wordle. It's like trying to solve four distinct problems at the same time.

The words for today are relatively simple. Despite said that, you will still have to deal with a term with repeated letters.

If you are having difficulties with Quordle 248, which was issued on September 29, 2022, you can find hints and solutions below. 

Hint 1: Today's words begin with the letters F, F, H and R. Hint 2: The words end with T, L, L and A.

Quordle Answer Hints Today

Hint 3: Word 1 clue - very hard grey stone that produces small flames Hint 4: Word 2 clue - to wave or move about without control

Hint 5:Word 3 clue - a small tree or bush that produces nuts Hint 6: Word 4 clue - a rhythmic dance with Spanish and African elements, originating in Cuba

If those clues don't help to answer Quordle 248, released on September 29,2022, here are the answers: