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Queen Elizabeth's Funeral: All You Need To Know

The Queen's hour-long royal funeral, the first in Britain since the death of her first prime minister, Winston Churchill in 1965, will take place today at Westminster Abbey in London.

Thousands of police officers, hundreds of British troops, and an army of bureaucrats completed final preparations for Queen Elizabeth II's formal funeral on Sunday. Here are some things to know


1. The burial will end 11 days of national mourning in the UK, during which the royal family's grief was under international scrutiny.

2. World leaders will attend the state funeral with Britain's royal family, political elite, military, judiciary, and charities.

3. The government stated Saturday that 125 theaters, parks, squares, and churches will display the burial across Britain.

4. Her coffin will ride in Queen Victoria's gun carriage. 142 sailors will carry her lead-lined coffin during Westminster Abbey's service.

5. The road will be lined by the Navy and Marines. In Parliament Square, the navy, army, and air force will form a Guard of Honour, escorted by a Royal Marines band.

6. The parade will be headed by Scottish and Irish battalions, the Brigade of Gurkhas, and 200 RAF musicians. The casket will be followed by King Charles and royals.

7. The inflow of dignitaries and mourners from across the world poses a challenge for British police. Scotland Yard has recruited 2,000 cops from around the country.

8. While the leaders of the EU, France, Japan, India, and many other nations will attend, those of Russia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Syria, and North Korea were not invited.

9. The Queen's casket will be cremated after the broadcast service. The queen will be buried beside Prince Philip, her parents, and her sister.

10. Queen Elizabeth reigned for 70 years and 214 days, making her the first British monarch to mark a platinum jubilee. She died aged 96.