Ps5’s Dualsense Edge Controller Launches In January For $200

The customizable controller will come out worldwide on January 26, 2023, with a suggested retail price of $199.99 USD.

The release date for replaceable stick modules is set for January 26, 2023, and the price will be $19.99 USD.

In the US, you can only pre-order the DualSense Edge wireless controller and replaceable stick modules through PlayStation Direct starting October 25.

Starting on February 23, 2023, customers will be able to buy them at other stores that are taking part.

The box comes with a DualSense Edge wireless controller, a USB braided cable, 2 standard caps, 2 high dome caps...

 And 2 low dome caps, 2 half dome back buttons, 2 lever back buttons, a connector housing, and a carrying case.

Sony said on the PlayStation Blog, "The DualSense Edge wireless controller has a lot of hardware and software-based personalization options."

"such as the ability to remap buttons, fine-tune stick sensitivity and triggers, switch between different control profiles, and use a unique on-controller user interface."

"It also has the features that make the DualSense wireless controller so comfortable and immersive, like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.