Padres Wild Card Roster Out, But No Clevinger

Friday morning, Padres announced their Wild Card Series team, which didn't come as much of a surprise.

In accordance with what manager Bob Melvin had mentioned in a previous statement, the roster includes 14 position players and 12 pitchers.

Because of this decision, the Padres have space on their bench for both Luis Campusano and Brandon Dixon.

Dixon will serve as a pinch-hit bat, and Campusano's presence gives the Padres some flexibility behind the plate since they have three catchers on the roster.

Mike Clevinger, a right-handed pitcher, is not on the team because he was sick on Wednesday and couldn't play.

Because Clevinger was still a little sick, the Padres chose lefty Sean Manaea as the main long relief pitcher in Clevinger's place.

If the Padres make it to the NL Division Series, the team hopes that Clevinger could start a game against the Dodgers.

In Game 1, Brandon Drury is the team's main bat off the bench. But Melvin said that right-handed batter Dixon could also be needed in a big game.

After being called up by the Padres at the end of September, he played in five games and had a batting average of 3 for 14.