Outrage Over Delay In $350 Direct Payments

Thousands of eligible Americans are due to receive an additional $350 in their wallets, despite recent outrage about a delay in direct payments.

Georgia residents will benefit from the extra funding as a result of Governor Brian Kemp's promise of more than $1 billion to the Department of Human Services for cash assistance.

As households first started to receive the funds, some individuals faced significant issues when attempting to make purchases.

Georgia recipients mentioned being unable to spend the funds after they were transferred to a virtual card linked to Apple Pay.

However, state officials stated in an announcement made the previous week that the ongoing problem had been "mostly resolved."

In addition to this, they discovered that the funds could not be transferred from the card or converted into cash.

"Department of homeland security stated that if you are expecting multiple payments for different persons in your family, they may not all arrive at the same time."

"In addition, if you selected to receive a physical card instead of virtual pay, the cards might take a few weeks to arrive via mail."

The DHS strongly advises anyone who believes their card has been stolen or has a card-related issue to call 1-833-907-0683

Since the cash assistance program's launch on September 20, 328,433 residents have claimed about $115 million.

The funds are available to residents who are enrolled in Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids, SNAP, or TANF.