November Stimulus Payment: Which States Will Send Checks?

In California's budget deal, the Middle Class Tax Refund is part of a package to help with inflation. Those who are eligible will receive a one-time payment of up to $1,050.


Colorado's governor adopted a tax credit law in May awarding single filers $750 & joint filers $1,500. Whoever sought a deferral by Oct 17 will get their money by  Jan 31, 2023.


Residents who met income requirements and claimed at least one child as a dependent in 2021 were eligible for a $250 child tax credit for up to three kids.


This summer, the state handed 59,000 families $450 per child. The Department of Children and Families chose TANF recipients.


Depending on how much tax a person owes, the most they could get is $250 as a single filer, $375 as a head of household filer, or $500 as a married couple filing a joint return.


Taxpayers in Hawaii who made less than $100,000 a year (or $200,000 if they were married) were supposed to get a $300 tax refund, even if they had dependents.


In September, the Idaho Legislature approved tax rebates. Single filers must pay $300 and joint filers $600.


By November 1, residents who are eligible should have checks for up to $325. The maximum that joint filers can get is $650.


New Jersey homeowners with incomes up to $150,000 get $1,500; those between $150,000 and $250,000 get $1,000. Renters with a maximum household income of $150,000 may get $450.

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