New York $500 Checks Guaranteed Income: Who’s Eligible?

175 residents of Rochester will each receive $500 each month for a full year beginning the year after next.

The federal emergency COVID-19 funds will be used to pay for $2.2 million of the guaranteed basic income programme in New York.

The Rochester City Council has already voted to put the plan into action, so residents can expect to get payments next year.

During the second year of the initiative, the same total sum will be distributed to yet another cohort consisting of 175 individuals.

Live in homes where the income is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level

To be eligible, you must:


Be at least 18 years old A person who lives in Rochester right now and has lived there for at least a year.

UBI is a set of payments that people get from the government every month.

What is a basic income for everyone?

There have been dozens of proposals and implementations of guaranteed income programs all over the country, including in California, Virginia, and Colorado.

As the country recovers from the pandemic, many local and state officials are looking at ways UBI could still be used.