New Virginia $500 Fall Tax Rebate For 3.2 Million Residents

Millions of people living in the state of Virginia will each get a direct payment of up to $500 this fall.

The tax rebates are being processed by state officials on a first-come, first-served basis.

According to Virginia Tax, Americans who submitted their taxes by September 5 should receive their refund by October 17.

Americans have until November 1 to file their state tax forms, and rebates will be granted through the end of the year.

Rebates began being distributed to households in daily batches of 250,000 on September 19.

Officials anticipate issuing approximately 2.9 million relief checks by October 10. Residents who owed taxes last year will receive the money.

It means that if you owed state income taxes in 2021, you might be able to get some of it back if credits are excluded.

In the beginning of this year, legislators in the state's General Assembly gave their approval to the relief payment.

Direct payments are also being given out in some states, including New York, Rhode Island, and California.

Eligible Americans will receive the assistance through direct deposit or a debit card in the mail.