New Mexico $400 Fall Relief Payments To Be Issued By Nov End

New Mexico officials have confirmed that payments funded by a $10 million fund will be distributed by the end of November.

According to the information presented in the report, The individuals who earn the least amount of money will be the first to benefit from the relief.

Angela Medrano, deputy secretary of New Mexico Human Services, said many low-income families have suffered economic and personal losses.

The amount each applicant will receive is unknown, but New Mexicans will only receive one payment per household.

It has been confirmed by the authorities that the payments will be sent both through direct deposit and mail.

The relief application period ended on October 7. Meanwhile, more than 20 million Californians are receiving payments ranging from $200 to $1,050.

According to the source The cash assistance is being distributed through direct deposit and debit cards.

According to the state's Franchise Tax Board, 90 percent of direct deposits will be issued by the end of October.

Debit cards will also be given beginning October 24 and distributed throughout November and early December.

Californians who have changed their bank details since filing their 2020 tax return may receive their payment late.