New Long Beach $500 Monthly Direct Payments: Who’s Eligible?

It is possible that the monthly income of some residents of Long Beach will increase as a result of a new local effort beginning in November.

The Long Beach Pledge guarantees $250 single-parent households with children living below the poverty level $500 every month for a year.

This first phase solely affects households in the 90813 ZIP code, which includes the lower westside, Cambodia Town, and MacArthur Park.

Long Beach began the pilot programme in September 2020 after the City Council approved Mayor Robert Garcia's basic income plan.

F4GI manages Long Beach's commitment program. This group will build Long Beach's payment infrastructure, connect participants to services, and pay qualifying recipients monthly.

Long Beach Pledge participants receive $500 monthly. The program's website, launched Thursday, claims members will get financial help.

The city claims a neighborhood group chose 90813 to test the concept. This neighborhood was hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak and has high poverty rates.

According to the program's website, 88% of renters in the ZIP code make less than the poverty threshold.

Website details the steps that must be taken to become eligible for the Long Beach Pledge.