New Hero Stimulus Checks Worth $400+ Going Out To Thousands

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN THE U.S. are getting stimulus checks worth more than $400 this week as a way to say "thank you" for their work.

The one-time payments of $487.45 started going out on October 5, and 1,025,655 taxpayers are supposed to get them.

On October 3, Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota held a news conference to talk about the direct payments.

Walz said, "I'm thankful for the work Minnesotans did to help people all over our state stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Monday, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry stated direct deposit recipients will get their money in ten business days.

If you chose to receive your payment with a debit card instead, it would take you between three and four weeks to get it.

Those who applied for the one-time payment should have gotten an email on Thursday, October 6, letting them know if they were approved or not.

The money is subject to federal income tax but not state, according to the state's temporary labor commissioner.

Peggy Flanagan, the state's lieutenant governor, said on Twitter that she and Walz would give front-line workers in the state a bonus of $487.45.

For questions about payments, email or call 866-333-7633  to reach the Frontline Worker Pay applicant support center.