New $1657 to $4194 Social Security Checks Arriving for 65.8M Americans

It Is Possible To Claim Up To $4,194 In 2022 If You Wait Until Age 70 To Claim, But The Average Benefit Is Only $1,657

The 9th Of November Was The Date That Recipients Of Social Security Might Anticipate Receiving Their Checks.

In The Very Last Few Weeks Of The Current Year, A New Cost-of-living Adjustment Will Be Implemented.

If Their Birthday Falls Between The First And The 10th Of The Month, Claimants Can Obtain Their Money On The Second Wednesday

Social Security 2022 Schedule

If Your Birthday Falls Between The 11th And 20th, Your Payment Will Be Made On The Third Wednesday Of The Month

It Is Likely That You Will Receive Payment On Wednesday Of The Fourth Month After The 20th Of The Month

A) Second Wednesday- November 9. B) Third Wednesday- November 16. C) Fourth Wednesday- November 23.

November 2022

A) Second Wednesday- December 14 B) Third Wednesday- December 21 C) Fourth Wednesday- December 28

December 2022

Social Security's Maximum Benefit Depends On When You Start Claiming. A) In 2022, Your Full Retirement Age Is 67, So Your Maximum Benefit Is $3,345

B) The Maximum Benefit Is $2,364 If You Claim At Age 62 In 2022. C) At 70, The Maximum Benefit Is $4,194, For Those Who Choose To Do So

In 2023, The Cost-of-living Adjustment (COLA) Will Be 8.7 Percent, Which Will Result In A Payment Increase Of $144 On Average

Next Year's COLA

Retirees Must Have Worked 35 Years In Social Security-approved Jobs To Collect It And Delay Their Claims