Mcdonald’s To Sell Krispy Kreme Donuts

McDonald's has announced that it will be adding some familiar sweet treats to its famously savoury menu.

Starting on October 26, people who like fast food can get fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme at the McDonald's drive-thru if they live near one of the lucky stores.

The companies are trying out a partnership that would bring original glazed, iced chocolate with sprinkles, and raspberry-filled donuts into the golden arches all day.

But sadly, not everyone can take advantage of this wonderful chance. The tasty test will only be available in nine places, all of which are near Louisville, Kentucky.

The Louisville Courier-Journal said that this limited-time opportunity is being used to study "operational impact."

McDonald's said in a statement, "We're always looking for ways to give our fans more of what they want, and we often do tests to help us decide what to put on the menu next."

"This small-scale test will help us figure out how adding new bakery items like Krispy Kreme might affect how our restaurants run" Mcdonald’s said.

Every day, fresh donuts will be brought to the locations that are taking part, and customers will be able to order one donut or a pack of six.

Krispy Kreme wants to make its products more accessible, and a partnership with McDonald's could be just what it needs to grow its business.