Mcdonald's Offers Free Fries Every Friday To Some Customers

customers of the fast food chain MCDONALD'S will be able to receive a free treat thanks to a new hack.

Customers of McDonald's can get a free medium order of french fries every Friday as part of the restaurant chain's Free Fries Friday scheme.

On Fridays, you can get free fries if you spend $1 on food through the McDonald's app. The promotion will go on until the end of the year.

It is a perk that is exclusively available to members of MyMcDonald's Rewards who make use of the McDonald's app.

First-time users get a complimentary large order of fries. So, if you signed up on Friday and bought something from the $1 menu, you could get small or medium fries to go with it.

You can also get a large order of fries for $1 free every day of the week until the end of the year. App users can also get any size of hot or cold coffee for the rest of the year.

Users of the MyMcDonald's Rewards app get points every time they buy something through the app. After that, you can use these points to buy food and treats.

With 4,500 points, you can get a free Large Frappe or Filet-o-Fish. With 6,000 points, you can get a free Big Mac, a free Happy Meal, or a few other filling meals.

The McDonald's chain said that starting on October 26, it will sell Krispy Cream donuts at some of its stores.