Mcdonald's Is Bringing Back The Mcrib For "Farewell Tour"

A farewell tour is bittersweet. Even though it's a sign of a long and successful career, it's also meant to be the last time we see an icon we love.

McDonald's says that before the end of the year, people all over the Hamburglar-sphere will have to say goodbye to the legendary, and famous McRib.

The "McRib Farewell Tour," as the fast food chain McDonald’s is calling it, will end in less than a month.

The 520-calorie sandwich has seasoned boneless pork dipped in Tangy BBQ Sauce and topped with chopped onions and pickles.

The McDonald's website says, "Get one while you can, because this is the McRib Farewell Tour." The use of capitalization makes it sound very official.

The chain also said that the happy gelatinous, saucy sensation will be available on the McDonald's app starting Oct. 31 for delivery or in-store pickup.

However, the sandwich will be saying "goodbye" on November 20. This means you'll have to buy McRibs in bulk and freeze them for Thanksgiving.

McDonald's has never said before that the porky dish would be available for the last time like it is now.

A Twitter user said, "The dance of mcrib being a permanent item on the menu is the ultimate will they or won't they in the world of food."