Massachusetts Residents To Get $15,000: Who’s Eligible?

As part of a new energy programme, many Americans may receive up to $15,000 for home appliances.

Costs for this resource are skyrocketing, particularly during the winter in many areas where snow is a typical occurrence.

This assistance will take the form of rebates, which will allow people to save a significant amount of money.

This initiative is called Mass Save and is supported by a number of major Massachusetts power companies.

State utilities and energy-efficient service providers must offer initiatives that benefit customers and safeguard the environment. This is as per the 2008 Green Communities Act.

This program in Massachusetts is helping everyone in the state save energy, money, and lessen the damage that energy use does to the environment around the world.

Chris Porter of National Grid worries that Massachusetts residents aren't moving to electric heating quick enough.

Same goes with cooling systems. Porter told that he wants this service to be available to every Massachusetts homeowner.

Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid or Unitil sponsor heating and cooling in Massachusetts.