Maryland $13,500 Bonus Checks: Who’s Eligible?

BONUS checks are being distributed to Americans, and they might be worth thousands of dollars depending on the quality of work performed.

The Maryland State Department of Education announced that reimbursements to daycare providers have begun.

The funds are made accessible by Maryland's Future groundbreaking law, which allocates $5 million to bonus awards.

The bonus checks will range in value from $50 to $13,500. The amount will be determined by the so-called quality rating and the capacity of the child care centre

Who’s eligible?

As of October, Maryland EXCELS had over 4,200 programmes and providers with published quality ratings.

The state's education administration announced on Friday that checks in the amount of up to $13,500 had begun to be distributed.

They are expected to arrive as early as the middle of this week, on Wednesday, October 26. The bonus awards will be given till June 30, 2023.

There are some other payment deadlines coming up soon. One is in Maine, which sent $850 per individual and $1,700 per family.

Another deadline, on Monday, October 31, will apply to a trial programme for guaranteed income in Sonoma County, California.

More than 300 county families are eligible for $500 monthly payments for two years.