Mars Announces M&M’s Caramel Cold Brew Candy

COFFEE lovers throughout the country are gearing up for the release of M&M'S caramel cold brew flavor.

The well-known candy company announced the new flavor in October 2022. Now, many people want to know when they can buy it.

4 October, Mars introduced a new M&M cold brew flavor. It's a wonderful blend of smooth, powerful coffee flavor and sweet, chewy caramel topped in iconic M&M'S milk chocolate

When will be available?

"More and more coffee drinkers are trying out new flavor combinations, and cold brew is one of Gen Z's most purchased drinks," the company said in a statement.

Mars' M&M'S decided to take advantage of the growing popularity of cold brew coffee and combine it with a candy favourite, caramel.

The new M&M's Caramel Cold Brew flavor will be made available in stores across the country beginning in February of 2023.

The cold brew flavor will be available in three sizes in February: Single (1.41 oz), Share (2.83 oz), and Sharing Stand Up Pouches (9.05 oz).

M&M'S Caramel Cold Brew price?

M&M'S Caramel Cold Brew candy prices will range from $1.19 to $4.99, according to the press release.

Along with the caramel cold brew flavor, M&M's will also be releasing a limited-time holiday Espresso flavor.

Shortly after M&M's made the announcement, many people went on Twitter to talk about how excited they were about the new flavor.