Maine $850 to $1700 Checks Up For Grabs: Who’s Eligible?

Over 850,000 Maine residents are scheduled to receive up to $1,700 in inflation relief checks, which were distributed today.

The cheques are one-time payments; the average amount for individuals is $850, while the average Maine family receives $1700.

To be eligible for the checks, Maine taxpayers must have filed their 2021 tax returns by the extended deadline of October 31.

An estimated 99 percent of the 858,000 eligible Mainers have received payouts from the $729.3 million relief package authorised in April.

This was done with the intention of assisting citizens in better coping with the effects of inflation and the ongoing epidemic challenges.

Single filers earning more than $100,000, heads of households earning more than $150,000, and joint filers earning more than $200,000 do not qualify.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must also be full-time Maine residents who are not claimed as dependents on the tax returns of others.

Some Maine critics say the checks will boost inflation. In a recent debate with his successor, Republican former Maine governor Paul LePage warned the checks will backfire.

Do refunds exacerbate inflation?

Mills argued that the checks are widely supported and were enacted with bipartisan backing.

"On the $850 checks, let me tell you, this was a wildly bipartisan move. It was actually proposed by Republicans," said Mills.