Maine $850 Relief Checks: Who’s Eligible?

There are only five days left for thousands of Maine residents to apply for a $850 relief check designed to assist them in dealing with rising prices and economic uncertainties.

According to the estimations provided by the state of Maine, around 858,000 individuals will receive these direct payments.

More than half of the budget excess is being returned directly to taxpayers in the form of a check, from which the $850 payments are being sourced.

This is an effort to offset the rising costs of electricity and basic necessities. The total amount refunded to taxpayers will be $729.3 million.

You will receive the money if you are a Maine resident who filed a 2021 individual income tax return by October 31.

Who’s Eligible

Officials from the state of Maine have stated that those who are identified as dependents are ineligible for the payments.

– $100,000 if filing single or if married and filing separately – $150,000 if filing as head of household; – $200,000 for couples filing jointly

Many people who didn't initially qualify for Maine's frontline worker relief program last year can now receive payments.

Even though the 2021 tax deadline has gone, residents have until Monday, October 31 to submit and get the $850 rebate.

In addition, the state of Maine is providing qualified residents with additional tax relief of up to $1,400.