Maine $850 Checks: How To Know If You’re Eligible?

Maine is distributing $850 relief checks to thousands of families to aid with rising energy and commodities prices. This helps them endure the recession.

These checks, which are each worth $850, are part of the $729.3 million that will be given back to taxpayers in Maine because of the state's budget surplus.

It is anticipated that more than 850,000 individuals will have these payments deposited directly into their bank accounts.

It's important to note that this is only for Maine residents who filed their individual tax return for 2021 before October 31 and who were not claimed as dependents.

Also, if you filed your taxes as a married couple, the amount of your reported income must be less than $200,000.

If you filed your taxes as a single person, you could get up to $100,000. If you were in charge of a family, you could get up to $150,000.

This will make it more likely for frontline workers who didn't qualify for the state's aid programme last year to get payments this year.

People who own businesses and disclose company revenue on their tax returns are eligible, as are people over 65 whose principal source of income is Social Security benefits.

So, people who live in Maine still have until Monday, October 31, 2022 to file their tax return for 2021 and get this $850 payment from the state of Maine.