Maine $300 Checks For Energy Assistance: Who’s Eligible?

Maine provides financial assistance programs as well as assistance with managing electricity bills to its residents.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) of the state assists low-income homeowners and renters with heating costs.

According to the state website, Mainers can access the programs through the Maine Public Utilities Commission's online resource guide on

Central Maine Power Company and Versant Power both have an AMP that helps "low-income residential customers in arrears on their electricity bills."

Who is eligible?

Energy customers in the state who are eligible for LIHEAP and have a debt of $500 or more that is at least 90 days old are eligible to participate.

Customers who participate will have half of their arrearage amount forgiven, up to a maximum of $300, for each month they pay their current bill on time.

Residents in Maine should contact their local Community Action Agency, the state site listed, or their utility provider.

How to request assistance?

If you're having trouble paying your bills, contact your utility company. You can expect payment arrangement options and financial aid from your utility provider.

When you call, someone may help you understand your bill, energy usage, and efficiency tips, or sign you up for usage and billing monitoring alerts.

In September, a major energy company in New York stated that the average natural gas heating customer will pay $112 more per month this winter than last.

Assistance in other states

This year, the average Con Edison gas heating customer is expected to pay around $460 per month from November 2022 to March 2023, a 32% increase over the previous year's bill of $348.

The company has payment plans to help people pay their bills. Governor Brad Little said Idaho has issued 192,000 holiday rebates totaling $133 million.

Plus From October 28 to November 14, California will issue gas relief payments of up to $1,050. The Maryland State Department of Education has started sending childcare providers $13,500 bonus checks.