Jake Paul & Andersen Silva Rematch In Different Sport?

Jake Paul reportedly agreed to rematch Anderson Silva under kickboxing rules if he loses their bout after placing a bet on stage.

The boxer who turned to YouTube over the weekend will fight in Arizona for the first time in ten months.

Four months after defeating the former UFC champion on points, Paul last competed in December, knocking out Tyron Woodley, 40.

They had agreed beforehand that the loser would have the winner's name tattooed on them, with Woodley briefly getting Paul imprinted on his finger.

For the American's return, he heightened the stakes by hinting that if he loses, he will enter Silva's realm.

The former UFC champion has stopped doing mixed martial arts (MMA), so he wants a sequel to take place in a kickboxing ring instead.

On the other hand, Paul wants the Brazilian to assist in the establishment of a fighters' union in the event that he emerges triumphant in Glendale.

"If I win, me and you will form a united fighters association to help UFC fighters receive better salary and better health care," he stated.

Paul, 25, has previously competed with UFC president Dana White and has been critical of the MMA promotion's pay and health care system.