Is Non-Resident Status People In the US Eligible For Stimulus Payment?

People who live in the United States but have not been granted resident status are not eligible for any economic stimulus from the federal government. 

You are not eligible for a stimulus check if you are a foreign national who is unable to seek for federal assistance.

There are times when the Internal Revenue Service makes mistakes with the stimulus checks and rebate money you get.

Since the pandemic, it takes longer than expected for the IRS to process tax returns. Sometimes, taxpayers receive more money on their stimulus due to wrong calculations.

The IRS has several reasons to ask you to return a check:

Why does the IRS want my stimulus check back?


People around the world and in the US died at a faster rate because of the pandemic.

You got a check that was meant for someone who had died.

It takes time for the IRS to collect several taxpayers' data. If your husband or wife dies and the IRS sends you a check that you took, you should send it back.

Middle- and lower-class folks receive most stimulus checks. The stimulus check income ceiling was $87,000, so if you earned more than $99,000, IRS will demand repayment

A lot of money

The federal government doesn't support non-resident Americans. Foreigners can't get stimulus checks.

Foreigners or "non-residents"

Taxpayers could get more than one check from the IRS in one round. Each round only has one check.

If you got two checks in the same round