Is It The Flu, Covid, Or Rsv? Things Parents Should Know

As the weather gets colder and we move inside, a few deadly respiratory viruses are spreading very quickly.

Due to several lockdowns over the last few winters, the population's immunity is low. This means that kids are more likely to get sick from these diseases.

Pediatric flu and RSV cases are rising. Covid incidence are dropping in kids and hospitalizations have peaked, but the virus continues to circulate.

Most children should recover on their own from flu, RSV, or Covid infections, especially if they get enough of rest, sleep, and hydration.

If you suspect that your child has a respiratory infection, keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms.

RSV, flu, and Covid are respiratory viruses. These viruses attack the tissues and organs in your respiratory system.

Is it RSV, flu or Covid-19?

This means they can impact you in the same way and cause symptoms including a cough, runny nose, and fever.

Wheezing is a common, virus-specific symptom that sounds like a whistle or rattle when your child breathes.

Symptoms unique to RSV

A high fever is a clear sign of the flu. Children under 5 years old, and especially those under 2, are more likely to get sick from the flu.

Symptoms unique to flu

The list of Covid symptoms changes frequently as the virus evolves and new types appear.

Symptoms unique to Covid

Currently, Omicron is the most common strain circulating, and it has been shown to be milder than previous strains.