IRS $1,400 And $3,600 Checks Deadline In 1 Week: How To Claim?

Direct payments of between $1,400 and $3,600 have been made, but you still have a week to claim them if you haven't already.

This year, the IRS has dealt with more than 143 million tax returns, but nearly 9 million Americans are still owed benefits.

People and families in those groups could have gotten a number of important tax breaks, but they didn't get them because they didn't file a 2021 federal income tax return.

People with incomes of $73,000 or less can use Free tool to file a tax return online for free with brand-name software.

Three $1,400 stimulus payments were issued during the covid outbreak. Besides the CTC, worth up to $3,600 each year.

From April 2020 to 2021, three rounds of stimulus payments totaling $931 billion have been given to nearly 165 million Americans.

"During the pandemic, it was problematic for the IRS and the Treasury to get Covid-relief payments to some persons," the IRS claimed.

Also, in a recent report, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration said that the IRS didn't send the advance CTC to 4.1 million households.

Low-income Americans don't have to file a tax return if they make less than $12,500 as a single person or $25,000 as a married couple.