iOS 16 Launch & Latest Features Reveled!

iOS 16 introduces new features, tweaks, and upgrades to your iPhone. Here's a rundown of every iOS 16 feature you should know about.

You will be able to edit sent messages in iOS 16. So, if you notice a typo after sending a message, you'll be able to edit it later.

1. Edit And Unsend Messages

The iPhone's lock screen has been redesigned in iOS 16. Hold to edit your lock screen. Each style changes the photo filter and lock screen font.

2. Customizable Lock Screen

iOS 16 relocates notifications to the display's bottom. Instead of being gathered into a list, they show as a vertical carousel as you receive them.

3. Notifications And Live Activities

With iOS 16, Apple hopes to replace CAPTCHA issues with Private Access Tokens. Supporting websites will log you in as a person without CAPTCHA games

4. Skip Captchas 

Apple Pay will debut Apple Pay Later, a Klarna-like service that enables you make four equal payments over six weeks with no interest or fees.

5.  Apple Pay Later

iOS 16 takes Visual Look Up to the next level. When you touch a photo's subject, you can lift it away from the background and add it to apps like Messages.

6. Visual Look Up

7. SharePlay comes to Messages

iOS 16 provides the option to find SharePlay apps from within FaceTime. You may now share a Disney Plus movie with a buddy while chatting in Messages.

Safety Check helps people in abusive relationships. It enables you review and reset iPhone location, passwords, messages, and apps.

8. Safety Check

Apple has added Focus filters that use your iPhone's Focus mode within apps. In Safari, for example, you can limit which tabs are displayed based on the Focus mode that is active.

9. Focus filters