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Instagram Starts Testing New 'Reposts' Feature'

Instagram will soon start testing reposts, which have never been available in the main feed of the app but are a big deal on Facebook and Twitter.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, saw it first on the profile of Twitter CEO Adam Mosseri, and Instagram later confirmed it. "

"We're looking into adding the ability to reshare posts in Feed, similar to how you can do it in Stories," a spokesperson said. 

People would be able to share what resonates with them while also giving credit to the original creators of the content.

On a new screen, the features are described as a way to share a post with friends and start a conversation with followers, who can reply to your repost with a message.

Feed reposts are "shown in a separate tab on your profile," along with posts, reels, and photos that have been tagged, and followers can see them.

Recent months have seen a number of enhancements added to Instagram in an effort to increase its ability to compete with TikTok.

It launched a TikTok-like full-screen feed and increased recommended content. After complaints, it said they would phase out full-screen mode and reduce recommended posts.

Some social media experts worry that reposts may push strangers' content. Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today wrote, "Reposting is another explicit step towards dismantling the IG you know."