Indiana $200 Taxpayer Refund: Who’s Eligible?

Two Automatic Taxpayer Refunds (ATRs) were passed by the Indiana General Assembly in 2022. Under this law, requirements for the $200 ATR are different from those for the $125 ATR.

The $125 ATR is only available to people who filed an Indiana resident tax return for the 2020 tax year by December 31, 2021.

People who were eligible for the $125 refund and gave their direct deposit information on their 2021 Indiana Income Tax return started getting their refunds in May.

A single payment was issued to joint tax filers by the DOR in 2020 whenever it was possible to do so.

If you didn't obtain a state tax refund in 2021 or didn't offer DOR information for direct deposit, you should get one check for both refunds.

If you were qualified for the ATR of $125, then you were also qualified for the ATR of $200 automatically.

You should have gotten either two direct deposits ($125 and $200 for single or married filing separately; $250 and $400 for married filing jointly); 

A direct deposit and a check; or one check totaling $325 for both ATRs ($650 for some customers who filed a 2021 married filing jointly tax return).

If a taxpayer changed bank accounts between refund periods, the DOR can't update their banking information.