Idahoans To Receive Rebate Checks By Thanksgiving Says Govt.

Little told on Friday that the state has already sent out 192,000 rebate checks worth a total of $133 million.

During a special session held on September 1, the Idaho Legislature decided to approve the rebate checks.

They are part of a $1 billion plan to cut taxes, reduce the state's record budget surplus, and give more money to education.

"Most people who didn't file late, have problems, or get flagged should be done by Thanksgiving," Little said in a phone interview.

Little hopes the Idaho State Tax Commission can send rebates to everyone who filed on time and set up direct deposit by next week.

Little and Republican legislative leaders discussed sending $500 million in tax rebate checks to Idahoans before the September 1 special session.

The first rebates were sent out on September 26, said Idaho State Tax Commission public information officer Renee Eymann on Thursday. 

Little hopes that most Idahoans who don't have complicated tax situations will get rebates by November 24. However, some Idahoans may have to wait a few more months.

The minimum amount of the rebates for individuals is $300, and the minimum amount for joint filers is $600.