Idaho $1000 Tax Rebate Checks: Who’s Eligible?

More than one thousand people living in the United States will be eligible to receive a tax reimbursement worth up to $1,000.

A tax refund program has been given a budget allocation of $1.2 million as part of the overall budget for the city of Boise in Idaho.

You must meet qualifications for the Property Tax Reduction program, according to the Idaho State Tax Commission.

Who is eligible? 

You may qualify if all of the following apply: 1. Idaho resident 2. Value of home less than $800,000 3. Total income after deducing medical expenses is no more than $32,230

As of January 1, 2022, you may qualify if you belong to the following groups: * At least 65 years old * Former prisoner of war (POW) or hostage * Blind * Widow or widower

* A child without a father or a mother who is under 18 * Have a disability that’s recognized by the Social Security Administration or a public employee retirement system such as Railroad Retirement Board

According to local news, the city of Boise is in the process of implementing its own rebate scheme.  Eligible applicants will receive a state program application in December.

May 2023 is the application deadline. They can qualify for a reduction in their property tax bill of up to $1,000. Around 1,200 Boise residents will be eligible for the rebate check.

Payment due dates are approaching, meanwhile Virginia's tax rebate dates are among the first also there is a UBI program open in Sonoma County, California.

Payment deadlines coming up