Cargo Ship Reaches Space Station Despite Jammed Solar Panel

Despite a jammed solar panel, a Northrop Grumman capsule transported several tonnes of supplies to the International Space Station on Wednesday.

The shipment arrived two days after leaving Virginia. Following launch, only one of the cargo ship's two round solar panels opened.

Flight controllers attempted in vain to open the stuck panel, but only one was able to draw enough power for the flight.

As the capsule approached slowly, the space station crew took pictures to help engineers figure out what went wrong.

NASA astronaut Nicole Mann then used the station's robot arm to grab the spacecraft, nicknamed the S.S. Sally Ride in honour of America's first woman in space.

Later, company vice president Cyrus Dhalla said a piece of Antares rocket debris lodged in one of the solar panel's mechanisms during liftoff prevented its release.

The 8,200 pounds (3,700 kilogrammes) of supplies include brackets for a spacewalk next week to increase the station's power,

One of the two companies that provide cargo delivery services for NASA is Northrop Grumman.

The second company is SpaceX, and they are going to launch a shipment toward the end of this month.