Florida $2000 Checks Golden Package Bonus: Who’s Eligible?

Offering payments ranging from $50 to $2,000, the city of Florida is promoting the conversion to natural gas in order to lessen the demand for electric power.

The city of Tallahassee and natural gas customers in the Leon, Gadsden, and Wakulla regions, as well as new customers connecting in locations where gas is available, are eligible.

This incentive applies to the installation of a water heater,gas range, or dryer for the first time. The Gold Package Bonus of $425 takes the total discount to $2,000.

The Gold Package Bonus

The maximum rebate amount for a combination of appliances is $1,375. These are eligible for furnace and water heater rebates because they heat both the home and the water.

The combination appliance

Those who elect to upgrade to a natural gas furnace will receive a $700 payout.

Natural gas furnace

The newest tankless water heaters powered by natural gas heat water on demand, offering hot water for as long as needed.

Tank or tankless water heaters

In addition, owners might receive $450 in rebates if they decide to upgrade their gas pool heater.

Gas pool and spa heaters

Gas cooking has several advantages.  Replace your appliance and get $200 in rebates, or replace with a gas appliance and get $150.

Gas ranges and ovens

Gas dryers reduce energy bills by 50%. Switching to natural gas dryers earns $200 rebates, while replacing them earns $150.

Gas clothes dryers

Converting to a gas grill has numerous advantages, including reduced air conditioning expenditures in the summer and a lower fuel cost for each cookout than charcoal.

Gas outdoor barbecue grills

Gas fire logs offer a clean heat source without the ashes or flying sparks. Those looking to switch or replace their gas fire logs can grab rebate checks for $50.

Natural gas fire logs

As the cooler months approach, patios will get cosier. Those seeking to replace or switch to gas-powered lighting can receive $50 refund checks.

Gas outdoor lights