First Social Security Payments: Have You Received The Payment?

There are still a few Social Security payments to be sent to the American people in October.

These payments will be made to all those who receive Supplemental Security Income in addition to their Social Security benefits, which were already paid this month.

Everyone should keep a check on their mailbox in the coming months for a specific letter on their Social Security payment rise for 2023.

It should arrive for everyone during the month of December. This is the largest such benefit since 1981.

It should include information about your benefit rate for the coming year.

What is included in this SS Payments letter?

You can, however, obtain your benefits online through the Social Security Administration's website.

Social Security distributes payments on three Wednesdays per month. Every second, third, and fourth Wednesday.

People's birthdates determine which Wednesday they receive their money. Furthermore, SSI payments are usually sent on the first of each month.

1st-10th birthdays are rewarded on the 2nd Wednesday. 11th-20th birthdays are paid every third Wednesday. 21-31-birthdays get paid on the fourth Wednesday.