Filings For Tax Refunds: Mistakes To Avoid

You have days to claim the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Earned Income Tax Credit if you filed for a tax refund extension.

More than 9 million Americans did not receive direct payments and must file by the October 17 deadline.

The Internal Revenue Service announced in a statement that most people should file a form 1040 by November 17th to avoid a late penalty, but that Free File will be available until then.

The IRS announced that it will send "special reminders" to people who appear to be eligible for the credits but have not filed a 2021 tax return.

You should file quickly to claim a refund. Here are some common filing mistakes to avoid so you get your refund quickly.

1. Incorrect bank account number

If you enter the incorrect account/or routing number, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will send you a check in the mail instead. This may take several weeks.

Any errors in the numbers presented may cause your income for the year to be misrepresented. It is worthwhile to double- and triple-check each equation, no matter how minor it appears.

2. Math errors

Whether you file jointly or as Head of Household may seem obvious, but verify your status. The IRS offers an online tool to determine which box to check.

3. Incorrect filing status

Forms without signatures are invalid. Couples filing jointly often make this mistake, not realizing both must sign for the return to be valid.

4. Unsigned forms

Common errors include incorrect Social Security numbers and tax credit requests. The IRS has compiled an extensive list of errors they often see.

5. Other errors