Female Tik-Tokers Demystifying Personal Finance

Women at all stages of their financial journeys share tips and information with each other on TikTok.

Lissa Prudencio (36) founded "Wealth for Women of Color" to educate women from non-traditional backgrounds.

Lissa Prudencio

She is currently taking classes to become a certified financial planner. This would help her advise others on financial planning, retirement, insurance, and taxes.

 The financial activist Taylor Price, who goes by the name "Pricelessstay," do well at what they do.

Taylor Price

The 22-year-old "first female financial activist on TikTok" connects with many Gen Z women after creating "Fin/Esse: The Playbook" which teaches financial essentials.

Esposito, a 19-year-old creator, has found a community of young women, especially teenagers, who want her help with investing and starting their own businesses.

Mary Esposito

Her writing is about things like stocks and cryptocurrencies, and her goal is to help people understand their options when it comes to managing money.

Krystal Todd is a 30-year-old Black creator and a certified public accountant, which means she is licenced to do accounting work and give financial advice.

Krystal Todd

She learned about the financial industry as she grew up, and she started posting videos to YouTube before she joined TikTok.