Extremely Cheap Stocks Poised To Grow That You Can Buy Now

Adam Parker, the CEO and founder of Trivariate Research, said that after all the market trouble this year, some stocks are too cheap and ready to grow next year.

Parker, a former Morgan Stanley chief U.S. equity strategist, said investors are seeing one of the worst six-month periods for stocks in 100 years.

Market participants have to deal with rising inflation, a Federal Reserve that is acting like a "hawk," too much inventory, and higher earnings estimates.

Even though the economy is uncertain, the note says there are still companies that "are likely to grow and make more money in 2023."

According to the findings of Trivariate Research in 2019, there are a number of stocks that are attractive in comparison to their levels before COVID.

Even if the economic outlook changes between now and then and if estimates for the future are 10% to 15% too high, the company found names that are too cheap.

Visa is down 11.8% this year, but it could grow in 2023 if international travel recovers from the lows it hit during the pandemic.

After suffering a loss of 35.5% in 2022, Qualcomm has become an appealing investment option among semiconductor stocks.

This year, shares of PayPal have dropped by more than half, or 53%, which could make 2023 a good year for the stock.

Booking Holdings, Lam Research, and Microchip Technology are a few of the other stocks on this list.