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EVGA Ends Partnership With Nvidia

EVGA has stated that it is formally terminating its collaboration with NVIDIA and will cease all GPU operations altogether.

Andrew explained to the Gamers Nexus crew the challenges his organization had working with NVIDIA and how their management had "bound" EVGA into making this decision.

When asked if the choice was tough for the corporation, Andrew answered, "This is simple. Working with NVIDIA was challenging."

In terms of the company's future and if it would return for the RTX 5000 series, Andrew answered, "No. "Completely stop."

EVGA's GPU production has ended. He did say that existing customers will continue to get RMA and technical assistance and that the business has delayed some GPU boards for RMAs and warranties.

According to Gamers Nexus, NVIDIA's top management was notified in April 2022. Most NVIDIA and EVGA workers found it out with  the release of Gamers Nexus' video.

When asked , EVGA said a lack of communication and collaboration between both organizations lead to this point.

What Went Wrong Between NVIDIA and EVGA?

CEO emphasized that NVIDIA doesn't communicate well. The Green Team keeps such a tight lip that even the MSRP for their forthcoming GPUs isn't given to the AIBs until it's announced on stage.

This has caused financial issues for the corporation, which is unsure how to price its product before distributing it.

The loss of EVGA's collaboration is a hit to NVIDIA as the RTX 4000 series gets closer. Their relationships with vendors are public, and mistrust will raise issues about their working procedures.

NVIDIA already has a soiled public image, and this will undoubtedly add to the number of stains on their business suits.