Emma Chamberlain Home Tour

In a video from September 2022, Emma Chamberlain just showed off her home in Los Angeles. The video shows how Emma's home is fun and functional, just like Emma.

"I work from home, so I wanted to make something completely personal and comfortable. I used references from many decades and design eras and tried to combine them." Emma told

"It wasn't about following the rules or sticking to one style. I tried to look at everything with a smile and an open mind."

Emma Chamberlain's living room is bright and full of things that are sentimental to her. The painting in the living room was made by Emma's father, Michael Chamberlain.

Living Room

Emma Chamberlain said that she likes to read and paint watercolours in this cosy spot.

Watercolor Nook

Her kitchen has incredible natural light. Green colours fill the kitchen and make it feel calm.


Emma doesn't know how she feels about her dressing room. "I'm a little embarrassed to say that this is my whole room. "It kind of makes me think, 'Really, Emma?'" she said.

Dressing Room

Emma's favourite movie, Napoleon Dynamite, comes to mind when she sees her "weird tiger" blanket in her room.

Emma’s Bedroom

The master bathroom of the star Emma says she wishes she could eat the fun colours of the marbles.

Master Bathroom