Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter Office And Fires Former CEOs?

Sources close to the company say that former CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned Segal have been fired as the much-talked-about Musk era is about to start.

He has also fired Vijaya Gadde, who was in charge of legal policy, trust, and safety, and Sean Edgett, who was the company's general counsel.

The billionaire has changed his Twitter bio to say "Chief Twit" because he recently sent out a message explaining why he's worked so hard to take over the site.

Musk said, "I bought Twitter because it's necessary for civilization to have a common digital town square where people can debate peacefully."

"It wouldn't be hard, so I didn't do it. I didn't do it to make more money.I did it because I love humanity. I do so with humility, knowing we may fail despite our best efforts."

The trickster showed up at the office Wednesday carrying a sink, which he said was a sign that he was about to be taken over and needed to "sink in."

On Thursday, American author Walter Isaacson took a picture of the coffee bar at Twitter's headquarters. In the picture, billionaire Musk is talking to a crowd of people.

Musk's path to buying Twitter has been long and tense because the billionaire tried to back out of the deal when he first offered to buy the company in April.

Musk has been very open about what he wants to do with Twitter. He has even said that he might make it an all-in-one app like the one in China called WeChat.