DK Metcalf And Other NFL Stars Who Couldn't Hold It In

DK Metcalf's carting off the field shocked Seattle Seahawks fans. The receiver has had his fair share of ailments, but he was only being taken to the restroom.

The cart usually indicates a significant injury and is utilized when a player can't walk to the locker room or team's medical facilities.

Metcalf himself confirmed the claims in an ironic way, saying "the clinch wouldn't have made it." Implying that he was having difficulty gripping his butt cheeks.

In 2020, Lamar Jackson ran off the field in the middle of a Ravens drive. The team said it was cramping, but TV footage and the QB's speedy return suggested he needed to urinate.

The Ravens quarterback made the reference to the former Celtics great because of a famous incident in the 2008 NBA Finals in which he left the court in a wheelchair to use the restroom.

Former Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart recalled an instance in which he was close to pee himself during a game in an animated film on

The former number 28, who had drunk an excessive amount of water, found himself in a cluster and was described by Stewart as being "very hydrated."

When OBJ was still with the Giants in 2018, he ran to the locker room when the Falcons were working on an offensive play.

This was unacceptable to former player and later analyst Booger McFarland, who went on a lengthy diatribe about how players in his era would simply urinate (or defecate) on the sidelines.