Direct Payments Worth $1,300 Up For Claims – Who’s Eligible?

Residents of Illinois and Massachusetts have until the end of this full week to file their taxes and get rebates worth up to $1,300.

Residents of Illinois and Massachusetts should be aware of the October 17 extended deadline for 2021 tax filings.

And Illinois taxpayers, in particular, must be extremely cautious in submitting their tax forms if they were granted an extension to earn the rebate cash.

The deadlines for both rebates are firmly fixed for the following week, which means that it would be prudent to respond as quickly as possible.

As previously reported, Illinois residents may be eligible for tax refunds of up to $700, which began to be distributed around September.

1. Illinois Rebate

Although the maximum payment is $700, it is contingent on your income and, more importantly, the number of dependents.

Those earning less than $250,000 as a single filer or $500,000 as a couple will receive an additional $300 in rebates.

According to the state law, millions of Massachusetts residents will get rebates totaling $2.9 billion.

2. Massachusetts Rebate

Massachusetts had approximately $42 billion in net tax revenue for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, despite the state's law capping tax revenue at $38.87 billion.

To be eligible, you must have paid Massachusetts personal income taxes in the 2021 tax year and filed a 2021 state tax return on or by October 17.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, almost 19 million taxpayers requested extensions this year.

3. Federal Tax Return

If you are given a direct payment, such as a stimulus check, but do not owe taxes, the deadline does not apply to you.