Direct Payment Up To $3,600: Today Is The Deadline To Claim!

More than 9 million people in the United States are qualified to receive direct payments, but they have not yet submitted an application.

The funds came from a pool of $931 billion, and the final day to make a claim on them is today, October 17.

Even though 3 different stimulus checks helped Americans get by financially during Covid-19, more than 9 million people still haven't claimed their payments.

The Government Accountability Office said that 165 people living in the United States were eligible for their share of the $931 billion in funds.

Tax returns were used to figure out who was eligible, and checks were sent to either bank accounts or homes.

Families with incomes of $12,500 or less for a single filer or $25,000 or less for a married couple filing jointly do not have to file a tax return.

As a result of these various financial requirements, there is a significant possibility that these organizations have lost their funds.

The Internal Revenue Service said Thursday that it will send letters to 9 million households that are trying to get the Child Tax Credit or the stimulus check.

Free File, a programme that lets people with annual incomes of less than $73,000 file their taxes for free, will still be available until November 17.