Denver $1000 Basic Income Project: Who’s Eligible?

The Denver Basic Income Project, a universal basic income programme with a capacity of 820 participants, is presently accepting applications.

The initiative was created by Mark Donovan and passed by the Denver City Council in early September.

Furthermore, on a predetermined monthly schedule, the initiative will grant up to $12,000 to homeless persons.

The effort received $2 million from the Denver City Council and has since raised more than $7 million toward a $9 million final budget.

The initiative is a public-private partnership funded by private foundations, individuals, and government sources.

The City and County of Denver, in addition to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, are both collaborators in this endeavor.

The payments will be distributed in several stages, and applications will be accepted up until November 3 of this year.

The initiative will provide cash transfers to a total of 820 unhoused families and individuals for a period of up to a year.

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and without stable residence. Denver defines this as lacking a "permanent, regular, and acceptable nightly habitation."

According to the research, the complete launch of the programme will take place in November 2022, and participants will be chosen and informed later this fall.