Deadline To Apply For New $500 Monthly Payments

Officials in America have stated that citizens of their country will be eligible to receive payments of $500 each month for at least two years.

The Pathway to Income Equity program will benefit 300 California taxpayers who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

Cities in California such as Santa Rosa and Petaluma, along with a number of other towns and cities, will be eligible for this payments.

The Pathway to Income Equity will provide $500 per month for 24 months to 305 randomly selected eligible Sonoma County residents.

The cash assistance program is intended to provide unlimited COVID disaster relief and is not taxable income.

When To Apply For The Pathway To Income Equity Program?

Applications will be accepted from September 1, 2022, to October 31, 2022.

If you live in one of the coalition cities, you can apply online at

How To Apply For The Pathway To Income Equity Program?

However, if you are selected for the $500 reward, you will be required to provide legal documentation.

The Sanoma County Board of Supervisors deposited $3 million in May for the Pathway to Income Equity programme.