Custom Nikes For Horses: Meet The Sneakerhead Bringing Style To Hooves

In today's sneakerhead craze, humans are extending their shoe "drip" to horses, who can now wear trendy shoes for the first time.

Marcus Floyd, a 39-year-old sneaker designer from Kentucky, is offering his innovative sneakers made for horse hooves to the world's best horse athletes in Lexington

The horse is known as "the horse capital of the world," according to a statement from VisitLEX, the city's convention and visitors bureau.

Floyd's Horse Shoes, which is not linked with Nike, New Balance, or Adidas, partners with VisitLEX to deliver fashionable footwear to Lexington horse farms utilizing human sneakers.

A horse named Bear became the first horse to wear Floyd sneakers, became Horse Kicks' "poster-horse" in the brand's imagery and teaser film.

Floyd learned how to repair while attending The Shoe Surgeon's SRGN Academy in Los Angeles, according to the statement.

“As far as I know, I'm the only one in Kentucky doing cut and sew reconstruction of footwear, and definitely the only one in the world doing it for horses,” Floyd said.     

Floyd's equine-inspired logo appears on the sneakers, which are deconstructed and recreated on top of a horse boot.

The premiere sneaker collection was on display in Lexington at this year's Breeders' Cup Festival on November 4 and 5.

Three "one-of-a-kind" sneakers from this collection will be donated and auctioned at Sneaker Ball Lex in Lexington on Saturday, Nov. 12. To order inquire at