Connecticut $900 And $700 Checks: Who’s Eligible?

Almost 45,000 older adults and residents with disabilities are receiving much-needed financial assistance.

Beginning the next week, renters in Connecticut will get approximately $24 million back in their deposits.

Governor Ned Lamont announced this week that checks from the Connecticut Renter's Rebate programme would begin to be distributed.

Rebates of up to $900 are available for married couples, while individuals may get up to $700.

Renters were required to apply for the refund by October 1, but they have until November 15 to seek an extension in order to get the cash.

They will also require a doctor's certificate showing that they were unable to apply within the prescribed filing time due to a medical condition.

Since 1974, the rebate programme has assisted Connecticut tenants who are seniors or have specific impairments.

The refund amount is determined by your income as well as your rent and utility bills from the previous year.

Eligibility for rebates

To be eligible, you must rent an apartment or room, or live in cooperative housing or a mobile home.

Their annual income can't be more than $38,100 for an individual or $46,400 for a pair.